Nantucket Bike Basket Co. Classic

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Made with Unique Hand Crafted Materials

The Nantucket Bike Basket Co. specializes in unique, hand-crafted baskets for your bicycle. Made from high-quality materials using durable weaving techniques, Nantucket Bike Baskets are made to last, while giving your bike a classic look.

Quality Workmanship

We look at each and every one of our baskets as a work of art. Each basket in our line has been designed by our NBBC team, and woven by skilled craftsmen to be beautiful, yet functional. There are many types of baskets and raw materials available around the globe.

At Nantucket Bike Basket Co., we have painstakingly chosen only the best for our collection. All of the raw materials we use have been hand-selected for strength and durability, ensuring that our baskets will hold up to the demands of everyday use.


  • Woven by skilled craftsmen to be beautiful, yet functional
  • Made with a very fine rattan cane material, from the outer skin of the natural rattan fiber
  • Rolled rim prevents unraveling and holds up to everyday use
  • Genuine leather straps provide easy-on, easy-off convenience
  • Weight limit: 13lbs
  • Compatible with most handlebars