Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bike


This cruiser bike is the best choice for a variety of environments, including paved paths, town streets, beaches, etc. It’s perfect for an evening ride with your friends, and it can’t be easier.

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The main mission of Firmstrong is to create bikes that blend both functionality and style.

That’s why Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bike offers the best experience to all riders, so that it’s not only a transportation mode. It’s inspired by the design of conventional cruiser bikes created to roll smooth on different trails, boardwalks, paths and streets.

This bike has the following characteristics:

  • White balloon tires that guarantee cushioned rides;
  • Coaster brakes that are easy to use;
  • Easy and relaxed riding ensured by this 26-inch and 1-speed cruiser bike;
  • Big seat with extra comfort because of dual springs;
  • Wide handlebars that come with rubber grips;
  • Classic and curvy designing with aluminum wheels and a durable steel frame;
  • Perfect size for all women;
  • Ideal for everyday rides.

Forget about cables and complex gear systems, as it’s possible to maintain your consistent cruising speed if you get this women’s cruiser bike from Firmstrong that comes 80% pre-assembled.