Schwinn 26-Inch Ladies Perla 7-Speed Cruiser Bike


Schwinn 26-Inch Perla 7-Speed Cruiser Bike is perfect for all women who are fond of riding and want to be modern.

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It’s worth the money paid because of its top quality; its handle bars are comfy for riding under any conditions and the seat is wide and convenient. All riders will enjoy its retro design, reliable construction and great color. This cruiser bike is very easy and fast to assemble, and you can benefit from its breaks that function well, smooth rides, comfort and gears that always shift well. Its pros include the following:

  • Alloy V brakes for fast stops in any situation;
  • Full fenders that provide comfortable riding in any weather;
  • Top-notch padded-spring seat can smooth rides;
  • Cruiser frame is durable and made of steel;
  • Rear derailleurs guarantee fast shifts;
  • 7-speed twist shifters;
  • Suspension fork always features convenient riding positions.

Overall, this cruiser bike offered by Schwinn is well-balanced, lightweight and comes with great tires that ensure stable support. It’s a solid investment for your health and fun, because wide tires are very stable, so that riders can smoothly go over any bumps or other obstacles on their way.