Properly Chosen Helmet – Halfway to a Safe Ride

Properly Chosen Helmet – Halfway to a Safe Ride

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Bike riding is a modern entertainment people enjoy. Some of them consider it to be sport, others use it just for fun. However, irrespective of the purpose, the experience should be safe, and your helmet is an inevitable part here. Even though the importance of helmets is frequently underestimated, they make sense at any ride, in all the conditions and areas. There are multiple laws that require bikers to wear helmets. According to the other law, all the helmets produced and sold in the USA must meet certain standards that were set by Consumer Products Safety Commission. The results of numerous tests and investigations helped manufacturers design lightweight, comfortable and reliable helmets.

Helmet Types: Selecting a Proper Helmet for Any Ride

Wearing a helmet is an essential thing, though wearing a proper helmet is priceless. All the helmets, irrespective of their price, model and other features are aimed at protecting the head from any undesirable impact. Here is the key information about different helmet types and models to suit your needs and desires:

  1. Mountain bike helmets are designed for the best ventilation at low speeds.

    They commonly feature boosted rear-head coverage, visors and secure fit, suitable for this ride type. Some of the helmets are equipped with full-face protection, perfect for downhill mountain and park rides.

  2. Recreational helmets, that are also known as casual or multi-use or bicycle helmets, are the best solutions for recreational, road, commuter or mountain bikers. Besides, this helmet type is popular among skateboarders. They commonly feature visors that help shield the eyes.
  3. Road bike helmets are especially appreciated by customers who enjoy road rides. This type of helmets is preferred for great ventilation, low weight and aerodynamic design.

Top Rated Helmets for Unforgettable Experience

Surely, it is perfect to consult a specialist and select the helmet suiting your needs and fitting your head, though, it is possible to choose a perfect item alone. Just learn about diverse helmets types, their use and specifications and make a correct decision. The helmet should be safe, light and comfortable to protect your head and not to create extra disturbances during your ride.

1.Giro Feature Mountain Bike Helmet

Price: $39.99-$231.43

Giro Feature Mountain Bike Helmet is a revolutionary offer with advanced features and developed opportunities. The helmet differs from the traditional ones, having a brand new shape that presupposes better vents and more coverage for a more comfortable ride, especially at lower speeds.

The helmet suits perfectly those people who enjoy long-travel riding, since the combination of excellent performance and coverage make it safe and highly convenient.

2.Giro Revel Helmet

Price: $23.96


Giro Revel Helmet – Women’s Matte Black/Lime/Flame is an exclusive female helmet that combines feminine simplicity and professionalism. The helmet includes Acu Dial Fit System, full coverage shell, reflective rear decal and other items to protect the beginner rider from any injuries. It is the best choice for enthusiastic riders who prefer recreational rides. Additionally, the helmet will be definitely appreciated by the rider, who is on her way to the next cycling level.

3.Giro Hex Mountain Bike Helmet

Price: $39.99-$100.00


Giro Hex Mountain Bike Helmet meets all the possible requirements for mountain ridings. The item is light, durable, versatile and comfortable for more than 4-hour rides in changing conditions. Besides, the helmet is equipped with Roc Loc 5 Fit System, 17 Wind Tunnel vents and visor to deflect rain, sun, branches, etc. This helmet is an ultimate choice for those who prefer fast and long rides.

4.Fox Flux MTB Helmet

Price: $49.99-$99.95

Fox Flux MTB Helmet is one of the most popular helmets for mountain rides. The item has a perfect ventilation system with 20 ports for a better airflow. Besides, the helmet is equipped with a removable visor, rear detox retention system and comprehensive coverage.

5.Bell Sanction BMX/Downhill Helmet

Price: $59.90-$359.87


Bell Sanction BMX/Downhill Helmet is an innovative full face mountain bike helmet that was designed predominantly for young riders. The item is extremely lightweight, fully ventilated and low-profile to suit crazy rides on Super-D, BMX and all-mountain riding. The contemporary style, bright graphics and distinct lines add to the aggressive attitude and moto-inspired style.

6.Bell Super 2R MTB Helmet 2015

Price: $199.95


Bell Super 2R MTB Helmet 2015 is an optimal solution for rough trail riding, since the helmet is stable, comfortable, lightweight and highly ventilated on the climb. Wraparound Protection is an innovative protection technology that serves the main component of Super 2R’s versatility. Easily adjusted and removed chin-bar vents, velocity flow overbrow ports and channeled openings prevent the rider from overheating while on a long ride. The helmet is the exact thing you need for a durable mountain bike trip.

7.Gonex Wind Cross Road Mountain Bike Helmet

Price: $29.99


Gonex Wind Cross Road Mountain Bike Helmet, Bicycle Adult Helmet is another excellent item that can be used both for fast mountain rides and moderate bicycle trips. Being created from a high quality material, the helmet suits any weather conditions, guaranteeing proper ventilation and protection. The helmet is also characterized by comfortable lining, soft and washable pads, breathable holes, etc.

8.Giro Trinity Helmet

Price: $24.90-$49.00


Giro Trinity Helmet is the thing commonly used by average riders. The helmet helps users protect the head and cool it, when necessary. The item features Giro’s In-Mold protective technology, 22 big vents and Acu Dial fit system to make the use highly safe and comfortable.

9.Smith Optics Overtake Helmet

Price: $119.09-$257.50


Smith Optics Overtake Helmet is an aerodynamic bike helmet that is appreciated for its design, durability and protective features. The item is equipped with 21 vents to keep you highly ventilated and cool. Additionally, the helmet works well with Smith Optics eyewear.

All in all, selecting from the diversity of helmets available, keep their features, specializations and protective abilities in mind. Opt for the one to suit your needs and desires the best.

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