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Cycling is an activity which has rapidly gained popularity among men and women who are concerned about their health and body shapes. Nowadays, cycling is not just a kind of sport and entertainment, but a fashionable thing which a lot of people are ready to spend money on. That’s why the contemporary market is full of various bicycles, from cheap ones for amateurs to insanely expensive for professionals and fans. Both mens and womens models are in stock, taking into account physiological peculiarities. Thus, large variety of bikes makes customers puzzled, so you’d better discover all the pros and cons of bikes before purchasing. Here you can find top-7 most popular bicycles described in detail.

Diamondback Atroz Complete

Price: $999.99 – $1025.83

Being a reliable manufacturer, Diamondback provides its consumers with another good quality bicycle. Atroz features 6061-T6 aluminum alloy frame with tapered steerer, sealed cartridge bearing pivot and replaceable hanger which is a sign of being able to endure rough treks, although it makes the bike a bit heavy. The frame is hand-made and full suspension. SR Suntour XCM 120mm fork and Rock Shox Monarch R rear shocks contribute to smooth performance as well as 4-inch suspension travel, making your ride comfortable.

All the mountain bikes need good brakes and comfortable operation, so Diamondback decided to provide their bicycle with Tektro Aries disc brakes and “Pro Bar” 750mm wide handlebar of own design. Braking is easy due to the fact that the brakes are hydraulic; they make it possible to stop the bike nearly immediately. Moreover, SRAM 9-speed drivetrain makes Atroz easy to ride, as it enables to choose the speed according to the terrain you are riding at.

Another advantage of this model is aggressive wheels, which is crucial for mountain bikes. 27.5” wheels with Kenda Nevegal Lite tires allow to cross rocks and roots and are easily controllable. Diamondback Atroz is available in three sizes: 16”, 18”, 20”. It belongs to the group of under 2000 full suspension mountain bikes, so be ready to pay from $1,000 to $1,300 depending on the place you are going to buy it at.

Mongoose Impasse Dual

Price: $280.62

This bicycle might be named a tank because of its durability and strength. Mongoose Impasse Dual has got an aluminum frame, which makes it heavier than other bikes for sale. Nevertheless, this solid frame brilliantly matches Impasse’s full suspension system and provides sufficient handling. As for suspension itself, it’s dual to compensate lacks of front fork and absence of hydraulic or pneumatic dampening. However, it is able to deal with light off-roads without any discomfort for a cycler.

Mongoose Impasse Dual is considered to be highly safe due to the presence of both front and rear Alloy brakes, which makes it possible to decrease speed abruptly and safely even when riding fast. This full suspension mountain bike is equipped with 21-speed TX-35 derailleur by Shimano, MTB front derailleur and SRAM twist shifters which makes it possible to choose any speed you’d like without much effort. Thus, Mongoose Impasse is rather convenient in terms of handling. A wide range of speeds makes it easily adjustable.

Mongoose Impasse Dual is 29er, featuring large Alloy wheels. Although 29” wheels make acceleration more difficult, they are great when the trek is rough. All in all, this is under 1000 mountain bike which is budget and may be purchased for about $300. However, it’s mainly for tall or at least medium height people as only large size 29” is available.

2017 Gravity FSX 1.0 

Price: $280.62


The aluminum frame of this full suspension bicycle is advanced and features hydro formed tubes, which makes the bike lighter and increases its performance. It’s easy to assemble and materials are pleaded to be of high quality, so you won’t see paints being torn off or dents appearing after first fall. CantiBeam Single Pivot Technology makes this bike pleasant to operate and can be greatly dealt with by entry-level bikers. 2017 Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual features Tektro Novela disc brake mechanism which also contributes to comfortable operation of the bicycle. In addition, presence of both front and rear brakes, as well as easy adjustment, provides safety.

Dual suspension, both front and rear, is one of the advantages of this bike, as it guarantees absence of the feeling of each stone on the road for the one who is riding it. It has an advanced suspension fork which makes it possible to adjust suspension according to demands of its owner. There is a variety of speeds – 24 of them, which makes Gravity FSX 1.0 even more customized. The drivetrain is by Shimano, so flexible speed shifting is no worse than in expensive premium-class models. Jalco DX221 double wall wheels with black alloy are of 26 inches. This bicycle may be ordered in four sizes (15”,17”,19”, 21”) and in black, grey, white or yellow color. The price is rather affordable – about $329-$380 (with shipping).

Northwoods Aluminum

Price: $144.74 – $327.90


As well as previous bikes described, Northwoods Aluminum has a frame made of aluminum which is both in sake of comfort and durability. The full suspension frame of the bike is accompanied by 50mm steel crown fork enhancing smoothness of riding. Shimano Rear Derailleur provides great supplementation to the fork. Northwoods Aluminum full suspension mountain bike is equipped with 21 speed twist shifters, which is quite a lot and allows choosing appropriate tempo on any trek.

24” Alloy rims are rust resistant, so Northwoods Aluminum will serve for a long time no matter what the weather conditions and terrain are. Wheels sized 24 inches are rather helpful in mountains when big obstacles need to be passed. Knobby tires improve its capability even more, making Northwoods Aluminum wheels an outstanding feature.

As for sturdiness, the bicycle has got steel triple crank and alloy seat clamp, which adds a bit to the weight (it is claimed to be 25 lbs, although in practice it weighs more). As for the price, it varies depending on whether 24” or 26” size is ordered. An amazing thing is that Northwoods Aluminum is available in various colors, including green, grey, orange, etc. Be ready to pay $170-$300 for it.

Schwinn S29 

Price: $295.99

This bike is men’s, which may be explained by its size, weight and design. Schwinn S29 has a specifically looking aluminum frame which is joint saddle with handlebars at an inclined angle, thus, making it more stable. The size of wheels is 29 inches, like those of Mongoose Impasse Dual. They help a cycler ride across tough terrain and increase speed thanks to momentum enlargement. Alloy wheels also give stability while riding the road. Damping of vibrations is provided by front and rear SR Suntour suspension forks.

Schwinn S29 is equipped with hydraulic braking system with brakes fitted on front and rear wheels. Gearing mechanism is SRAM with SRAM 3.0 and SRAM 3.0 21-speed trigger shifting brilliantly combined with SR Suntour 3 piece alloy cranks. As a result, you may choose among 21 speeds and shift them without applying much force.

Schwinn S29 Men’s full suspension mountain bike is huge, although mainly supplied with 18” medium frame and featuring an effortlessly adjustable seat. If purchasing Schwinn S29, check whether you are tall enough to ride it comfortably. It costs about $300 which is great as for the bike of such quality.

Generic 26″ Hyper Havoc 

Price: $145.60 – $156.94


This bike is designed for men. It’s not as light as plastic bicycles, but its aluminum frame is light if compared with steel ones. This bike has got dual suspension system with a fork which is possible to adjust as you wish to make it meet your demands. It means that you may choose the place of your further ride and change fork level to enhance the performance of Generic 26″ Hyper Havoc.

21 speeds are available, and it’s enough to ride both on flat road and in mountains. Speeds are hassle-free to change as Generic 26″ Hyper Havoc full suspension men’s mountain bike goes with Shimano hardware and hand-grip shifters. Front and rear pull brakes are by Shimano as well, so you shouldn’t worry about stopping rapidly when it’s needed. Another advantage of this bike is three-piece performance crank which enhances its capability. Medium 26” wheels make it possible for people of different height to use it, due to the fact that single frame size is available. As for the price, the manufacturer has made it affordable for everyone – just around $120. However, you will probably wish to change some of the details, like pedals and tires, as they may appear not as long-lasting as you might wish.

Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Atroz Comp

Price: $1198.93

6061 T-6 aluminum alloy full suspension frame is the best hand-made frame with 4-inch travel. Suspension of Atroz Comp is provided via Rock Shox Monarch R rear shock and air front shock in combination with sealed cartridge bearing and optimized single pivot. The fork is RockShox XC32 with 120mm travel and turn-key lock out.

The number of speeds is 10; they are provided by SRAM X5 shifters and SRAM X7 Type 2 rear derailleur. Only rear shifters are present. Tektro Gemini hydraulic disc brakes with 180/160 mm rotors provide enough power to slow down the bike on any surface not depending on the riding speed. 27.5” wheels with Kenda Nevegal Lite tires make rocky terrain passable for Atroz Comp. As for the sizes, you can choose 16”, 18”, 20” bike depending on your height. This bicycle is the most expensive among those mentioned here. You are to pay nearly $1,500 to enjoy a smooth ride and great abilities. A great thing about it is that you don’t need to be an engineer, as it comes almost fully assembled.

So Which Bike to Choose?

All the bikes mentioned above feature full suspension and are much easier in handling if compared with hardtail bikes. When choosing a bike, pay attention to its weight, size and qualities. It’s necessary to understand that price is influenced by the quality of materials and presence of new technologies. However, it’s possible to find a brilliant bike that costs not so much, but meets all the requirements of yours.

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