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If you want to buy the best mountain bike, you may feel overloaded with available choices in the market. There are different factors that should be considered to make a more informed decision and investment. For example, it’s advisable to think about the right tire size, such as 20 inch.

Don’t forget that every Mongoose mountain bike comes with a set of unique features that must be considered. It’s hard for consumers to find the one that fits all, because bikes are available in a range of sizes, shapes, materials and prices. Don’t forget about different suspension types, including dual suspension, because they play an important role when shopping for the best bike of this type. To end up with a sound investment, you should consider the following models.

Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle (29-Inch)

Price: $278.29

The first thing that should be mentioned is that it’s one of the greatest 29er Mongoose mountain bikes available at quite affordable prices. It’s designed to successfully manage all kinds of road tracks and challenging trails while looking great to be taken on town cruises.





Pay attention to its suspension forks and wheels because they enable this bike to roll over the toughest terrains smoothly.





When it comes to its frame, you’ll be surprised by its solidness and responsiveness. Besides, it comes with 21 speed gear settings with special twist shifters that provide users with the best versatility necessary to ride on different terrains. Another great thing is that this mountain bike has reliable disc brakes that provide you with enough power to stop whenever it’s needed.

Its frame is aluminum, steady and tough because it’s designed to offer the highest level of comfort and performance, and this is what provides you with quite responsive rides and control. Focus on its incredible full suspension system that can fit all consumers, both casual riders and pro trailers. This mountain bike is perfect for the entry level and it offers a smooth and soft ride. For newcomers, its assembly process is quite simple, but make sure that you give this model full tuning to get everything right. A low price is one of the greatest benefits to buy this solid bike that can hold up to any kind of terrain riding.  

Mongoose Men’s Dolomite Fat Boys Tire Cruiser Bike, 26 inch

Price: $249.00

This mountain bike is simply wonderful because it’s designed to be used on different terrain types due to its massive and solid tires that provide incredible stability and traction.

When it comes to its reliable frame, it uses cruiser design to ensure a comfortable and great position during your rides. Besides, this model is equipped with a special beach frame, and it’s quite supersized to offer enough clearance. Its quality disc brakes ensure a powerful stopping force, special handlebars are in low-rise configurations to ensure comfort and stability of users, and there are other incredible bike parts that are worth your attention because they make this mongoose bike a real masterpiece.

Interested in its tech specifications? It offers better maneuverability and traction on different surfaces, and its frame adds more solidness and comfort. It uses special beach-styled pedals, and the whole construction is easy to assemble even if you have no specific knowledge or skills. Tires are a bit massive, but they ride well while offering a great grip. Seats and handlebars are designed for your comfy sitting position, and this bike is great for both occasional rides and mountain trails. This means that its performance won’t disappoint you!

26” Mongoose Ledge 2.2 Mens Mountain Bike


Think about its swiftness and design if you still have any doubts about buying this bike. Take into account that its full suspension frame and linkage system provide you with precise and comfortable rides in addition to quite a stable base. Its suspension forks can smoothen out any bumps easily while gearing provides improved controls. You can choose from 21 speeds for any terrain that you prefer, while its broad gear range and linear pull brakes ensure an excellent braking control and power. The wheels of this popular mongoose bike are fabricated with special alloy rims to increase its durability and ensure it is lightweight. Many consumers appreciate its orange bright color that can be seen by others from a far distance.

Another interesting detail is that its rear gearing system guarantees effective and accurate shifting, while its reliable twist shifters can change gears easily. It’s no wonder many consumers choose it, especially after considering its cheap price. Don’t forget that each bike part is well-arranged and pre-packed in a solid box, so that it’s quite easy and fast to assemble. This model offers comfy rides and handles, but you may need to make minor adjustments on gears. Once you decide to buy this mountain bike, you can be sure to get the best value for the money paid.

Finally, front suspension forks can absorb any shock effectively, but if you want to extend the service life of this model, think about spraying its frame with some lithium grease. The best part is that its gears change quickly while offering a perfect selection while its kickstand comes in handy in many situations.

Mongoose Womens Maxim Full Suspension Bicycle (24-Inch)

Price: $180.81

If you think about investing money in this mountain bike, the first thing that you should check is its aluminum suspension frame because it ensures the highest performance and comfort. Suspension forms smooth different bumps while increasing your control over terrain types.



There are 21 speeds to choose from, and the good news is that all gears are changed easily and instantly. Pay attention to its 3-piece crank because it provides you with a wide range of gears while alloy linear brakes guarantee fast and efficient stopping power.


This incredible mongoose bike can provide users with controlled, smooth and convenient rides because it has a solid suspension frame and forks. Once you start using it, you’ll understand that it can be ridden on a variety of terrain types with ease, thanks to a number of powerful tech features. The top ones include its full suspension system and locking swivel front tires. The first incredible feature makes all trails more convenient, especially when it comes to children, and it helps strollers to be helpful on different terrains. Besides, it’s easy to park this bike because it has a special hand lock brake system, and the best part is that you don’t need any extra tools to set up this perfect bike.

Are you ready for your next bike ride? Then you should consider this affordable, solid and quality solution for any intended purpose. It’s ideal for parents and other consumers shopping for lightweight, reliable and safe mountain bike that is easy to set up and break down.

Mongoose Intake Jump Bicycle, 24-Inch

Price: $134.47+shipping

This popular mountain bike comes with a low dirt jump and stand over frame, and a reinforced head tube is its most prominent feature. Check its alloy box section rims because they are designed to provide riders with increased power for jumping. There are other prominent tech characteristics that make this bicycle ideal for many consumers, including handlebars, compact cassette gearing, microdive gears, etc. Special alloy rear brakes ensure comfortable and enjoyable dirt jumping while alloy trims add more durability to rides on different terrain types.

These days many consumers recommend this mongoose bike because it’s one of the greatest models for any boy. Its stand-over and low frame comes reinforced with a head tube that guarantees more durability while riding it. Its special box-section handlebars can withstand any hard landing while its entire construction is quite lightweight. This is what makes this model easy to carry around and store.

What about its seats? The screened jump saddle comes with pre-equipped bumpers that ensure added protection while rear brakes offer quite responsive stopping. Tires are extra-knobby, and this is what allows them to provide users with the necessary grip when needed. Every bicycle of this type includes detailed assembly instructions that enable you to set it up on your own. Another important fact is that its price is quite competitive, so that you may find it hard to buy the bike of the same quality within the same price range.

New Mongoose 21 Speed Frame Bicycle Mountain Bike 27.5” Front Suspension

Price: $334.99

Do you want to experience the best rides that keep rolling with changes? Then you should think about investing money in this model because it guarantees a durable, convenient, safe and enjoyable ride. First of all, its durable aluminum suspension frame is quite lightweight while offering the necessary buffer between terrains and users. Its rear and front disc brakes ensure reliable and strong stopping power, despite existing road conditions. Focus on alloy rims because they make this mountain bike easy to maneuver while increasing its durability considerably.

For many consumers, the structural integrity of their rides plays an important role while navigating different terrain types. The greatest thing is that a 3-piece crank of this bicycle adds more strength without making its frame heavy. Remember that your increased control is ensured by front suspension forms that smooth out all bumps on the trail while platform pedals can handle the highest activity level and offer a reliable and long-term riding performance. In conclusion, users can choose from 21 speeds that are easy to switch with minimal effort.

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Relaxed riding of 2015 Mongoose team in a Highland Mountain Bike Park 🙂

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  1. Hey, man! Thanks for the review. I’m looking now for a 21-speed bike that will good for all terrain, but mountains are the preferable track place. 26″ Mongoose Ledge 2.2 Mens Mountain Bike is on my wishlist, but I think about aluminum rims. Is it so important? How do you think? Some reviews are pros to aluminum rims, some are pros to steel.

    1. Some bikers prefer aluminum rims. But modern steel rims are so reliable as the aluminum.

      Buying a modern Mongoose bike you also buy a successful 40-years experience in bikes building. You did a great choice and I’m sure that Mongoose Ledge 2.2 will work for you.

      Good luck!


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