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Top Mountain Bikes for Cool Riding

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Nowadays people are ready to spend lots of money on extreme sports, and mountain biking is among them. However, frame, wheels and other parts of bike may be both comparably cheap and quite expensive – depending on the customer’s budget and needs, as well as brand and materials it is made from. There are various bike manufacturers and mountain bike brands which provide a wide range of bicycles: from professional ones to those for entry level.

Nice Options for Ladies

It is necessary to take many features into account when choosing a mountain bike. They differ in weight, dimensions, shape, size of wheels, etc. Also, special womens mountain bikes, which make it much easier for females to deal with riding off road, may be found for sale.

26-inch Schwinn Sidewinder (a wonderful example of Schwinn mountain bikes for women)..

26" Schwinn Sidewinder Women's Mountain Bike, Matte Black/pink..and Diamondback Women’s Lux Hard Tail Complete mountain bikes are great examples of affordable bicycles with good qualities.

Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Women's Lux Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike
The frame of Schwinn bike is steel, as well as the one of Diamondback’s, they both weigh about 40 lbs. Sidewinder constructors provided it with 21 speeds.

However, Diamondblack Lux Hard Tail Bike isn’t a single speed mountain bike as well – it is supplied with Shimano 8 speed shifters. Both bikes are controlled with suspension forks by Suntour. Diamondblack girls mountain bike features 27.5-inch wheels, which are bigger than 26-inch wheels of Schwinn.

Also, according to mountain bike reviews, Diamondback Women’s bike is considered to be more reliable than Schwinn Sidewinder thanks to its high-volume tires, but it is twice more expensive than Schwinn.

Inexpensive Choices for Males

Usually, men are more interested in mountain biking, and this is the reason for manufacturers to produce more various bikes for men than for women. Let’s have a look at popular bicycles for men at a low price.

Schwinn High Timber mens mountain bike is the cheapest in this group.

It is 18 inch mountain bicycle, that is of medium size with 27.5 inch wheels attached to it. The frame of the bike is made from steel and its weight is 47.55 pounds. Schwinn High Timber bike is equipped with rear and front linear pull brakes. They, together with Schwinn suspension fork, guarantee totally perfect control. Shimano TX-31 rear derailleurs and Schwinn alloy crank make it possible for the bike to obtain 21 speed gear easy to change.

Another great inexpensive variant is Merax® Finiss.

The similar Shimano derailleurs let this bike have the gear with 21 speeds. Its frame is aluminum, however, it is lighter than of the previously described bike’s due to special Lightweight Magnesium Alloy wheels. Although brakes and gear quality could be better, it looks amazing!

Diamondback Overdrive 29er mountain bike is another hardtail bike which may cost you from $500 to $700.

There is a chance to choose frame size, and this feature is great in Diamondblack bicycles. This one is available in 16 to 22 inch size. As it may be ordered in a small size, this piece would be a great boy’s mountain bike, as well as a brilliant option for an adult. It is Complete Ready Ride Version in black color with Suntour suspension fork, wide tires, 24 speeds and nearly no fitting needed.

Lightweight Frame as an Advantage

BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B and BEIOU Carbon Fiber Mountain Bikes are amazing bikes which are not worse than Specialized mountain bikes and Giant mountain bikes.

BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B


BEIOU Carbon Fiber Mountain Bikes Hardtail

They both are equipped with SHIMANO M610 DEORE System for speed control and feature hydraulic disc braking. The differences are not crucial: hidden disc brake for BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B, while BEIOU Carbon Fiber has got vertical disc brake; BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B wheels are 27.5 inch, when BEIOU Carbon Fiber wheels are 26 inch.

The difference in weight is 100 g – they weigh 10.7 and 10.8 kg correspondingly. Actually, this advantage of being really light influences the price, so these bikes are twice or even three times more expensive than others described here.

As you can see, before choosing a bike, it is necessary to decide how much you are ready to spend. Full Suspension mountain bike is faster and easier to handle, but hardtail is lighter and cheaper. Best mountain bikes in stock may not be satisfactory for you if you don’t have strict requirements. So look through reviews of dual suspension and hardtail bikes and think twice before making your final choice.

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